Saturday, July 12, 2014

Juan Michael

Hey guys, today i wanna tell you guys about my another bless. God bless me all the time and he always give me his bless in his unique way. and my last biggest blessed is Juan Michael. maybe lil' bit late to tell you but it's better than never right ? hahahhaha
that day was my lucky number 7 hahahaha. Yap July 7th, 2014. do you know where's the uniqueness of it ? the date is 7 and the month is 7 too and the year 2 + 0 + 1 +4 = 7 !!!! hahahha, i just realize it when my friend told me and okay, whoever they are if they are meant to be here, will still be here and Jesus sent him to me after a long time waiting. on that date he proved his love for me and propose me to be his girlfriend.
i don't know why i accept his proposal, i just want to.
he is special for me, i'm so thankful to him. he's struggled for me, and one big thank you because he wasn't quit in any way. I'm sure i'd be regret if i took off his hands. he's a great guy, really.
I don't deserve his big effort so far. I'm just nobody, ordinary girl who have big fear of a jerk. But he yeaaah he's the guy who told me that i'm worth to fight for. The way he's looking at me so deep seems like he tell me that i'm the only girl in the world. I'm the most beautiful woman and only through his eyes i could see myself like a jewell
The way he kiss and hug me like says that he love me with all of his and i need to know how it feels. he'll hug and wipe my back or head to calm me down. he like to kiss me softly and it's so homey, i could feel safe beside him
And now all that i need is him. I'm not kind of romantic girl but i like romantic guy hahahahha. Umm it's hard for me to say that i love him although through the message. I can't put the word or sentence properly to make a romantic message. But umn ... I want him to know, i love him, my man. Although we just had a commitment. i want him to just please hold me and don't let anything come in and separate us. I'm fragile and i do afraid of losing him. No matter what'd happen, promise me that he'd just be my sweet Michael :*

and now he is my lucky number 7 :3

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