Tuesday, February 07, 2012

another blessing

I just found another blessing from God. she is KATHERINE, my new real best friends ...
kenapa ? we have so many same habit start from our favorite food, our favorite hobbies and many more. she understand me very well and she is mature.
i  love to laugh with her everyday and it will weird if we didn't talk each other even just for one day so i'll chat her for no reason.
she is brave, pretty, smart, responsible, and can take care of her self

dia itu serasa ga bercela gue bingung mau bilang apa tentang buruknya dia. yang gue tau cuma dia itu kalo ngomong suka rada pedes, sama kalo lagi makan nih hmmm .............. liat sendiri aja deh kalo makan bareng sama dia wkwkwkwk
dia juga temen diet gue padahal badan dia udah lebih kecil dari gue tapi gatau kenapa tetep aja dia ikut"an gue diet sampe kadang suka sakit maag ckck
dulu kita saling ngerasa kalo kita itu ga deket dan bakal berasa canggung kalo tiba" harus barengan tapi sekarang dia itu udah jadi bagian hidup gue bersama temen-temen gue yang lain gue bakal jagain katherine :D

glad to know you kath :*

thank you kath for all you gave me, there was a precious moment and experience with you. and i thank to God cause i have you in part of my life. i hope you will always be my besties and there's no conflict between us, just tell me what do you think about me esp if i have some mistake :')