Monday, May 21, 2012

Heavy Rain

about two days ago my friend stalked my twitter then suddenly he sent me a message to cheer me up, he knew i just in a gloomy mood that time.
he said that i looked like a lil girl under the heavy rain then he was coming to gave me an umbrella. we just talked about nothing, about rain, and umbrella then he gave me some questions

he : "what do you feel when you're on the way to somewhere and it's suddenly raining?"
me : "i'll look into a place that can save me from getting wet because of the rain"
he : "what would you think after get a place to hide from that rain?"
me : "when the rain will stop"
he : "sometimes we're trapped by the rain and we'll need an umbrella. even though we don't bring it currently we'll keep thinking, why don't i bring my umbrella? or why the rain comes suddenly? so, which one is your type ?"
me : "usually i'll think, why the rain comes suddenly first then i'll think again, why don't i bring my umbrella. so what's the point?"

then he said to me,

"First question is describing a person who always blame on themselves. Something bad happen because of their fault and they'll feel guilty. The second is describing a person who always blame on destiny. They hope that something must happen such as they wanted to, they have their own scenario in their life and they'll easily feel that the world is unfair. And do you know, i still have one hidden question, the preferred one, why should i stop because of this rain? This question is describing a problem solver type person. They have their own plan to face the rain, so they don't have to stop. They know that something bad will happen as a risk but they'll be ready to take it. And this last question will always makes a person arrive faster."


Problems will make us more mature. Life is a game and problems are our enemies, to get higher level we must to defeat them. Maybe some of us think that life will be easier if it just like a game cause there are so many cheats to make us winning the game but you have to know, cheats make it become a boring game. So, if everything you want in your life just come to you easily and you have no problems at all, you'll have a very boring life :)
So, just face your problems in faith of God and enjoy it

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