Saturday, June 23, 2012

iwearUP !

holaaaa, how are you blogpals ?
several days ago i just made my own magazine for my exam, and when i was surfing for some picture, i found a cute, lovely, and awesome blog, the author is Diana Rikasari (you must see her blog ! so many inspiration there -->
i had never known about her before, and i fell in love with her blog. so many cuteness inside her blog and i found a super duper cute shoes ! it called JOAN Galaxy wedges !
i thought it's one of her collection and i was so curious where she bought it till i used it to be display picture on my BlackBerry
then, one of my friends, chika, chatted me and asked about that shoes. she thought that it's mine, then had a conversation bla bla bla ........ and chika told me, she has seen this shoes before at yap, of course by Diana Rikasari.
from that chat, i just knew that she has an online shop and it's like a poison for me, AAAAAAA ! there are so many cute and awesome shoes !
i have to buy one of them garrrrr. just kill me, kill me ! xD

JOAN Galaxy Wedges by Diana Rikasari - iwearUP

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