Thursday, May 23, 2013

family gathering

it was a superb Wednesday night. May 22nd, 2013 :D

Yesterday my family held a gathering to celebrate my aunt, my mom and my cousin's birthday. their have a same month of birth and yesterday was my cousin's birthday, Kiarra. my aunt on May 1st and my mom on May 6th. then we went to Bandar Djakarta, Alam Sutra, to had a dinner. and how lucky we were, at the same time my aunt, granny and grandpa who are living in Lampung were here. they just got back from their holiday to Bangkok, Thailand, a couple days ago. So, this year we can celebrate this moment with a big family. that was very rare moments we could gather together and i was so happy ❤

nomnom :9

lil bro or .... ?

mommy's lil daughter :3

we are happy family

irreplaceable sister ❤

and it's me, i tried to adopt a simply korean style. is it good ?
outer : online shop
tanktop : unknown
skirt : gift from Thailand
bag : @nonataliashop

nicolamalvac - xoxo 

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