Monday, May 26, 2014

Future ? LOL

Hey Guys !!! Been a long long time no see you :D
How are you ?
How's life ?
hahahahhaha. I'm 20 years old right now, and been falling in love again i guess lol
there's a guy that approached me and i like him, he's tall, smart, handsome, athletic enough *lol* and yaaaaaa, pretty good enough.
But we haven't been a couple yet. I still consider am i love him or not, is he the best man for me or not, are we can be together, completing each other weakness and many more.
I don't know why am I think too much about this. maybe it cause I don't wanna broke and hurt anymore. I need someone who will beside me till the end ahhahahaha. Sounds flowery, hyperbola but that's what I'm thinking about.
Can you imagine if in this age, you are in relationship with someone that you're not sure enough what you guys would be ? And in the middle you guys are broke up and you have to find someone else and it looks like you just waste your time with your ex hahahha. I don't want it but it makes me soooooooo confuse .-. What should I do ? What should i consider ? How's it gonna be ?

I'm afraid ...

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