Sunday, March 13, 2011

my dreams

i watched kick andy a few hour ago . i think the theme about our dreams .
one of informant said, we need to write or visualize our dreams so we had target to reach them like written on the secret . and he admitted it works . he always did it and now he was success already , he had everything that he wanted
and it was inspire me to believe what i dreams , and never think "it's impossible"
just trust myself then work hard to reach it and it will be come true !

let me share some of my dreams :
1. a wanna be a model
2. i wanna be like kim tae hee, beautiful, has ideal body, confidence and success
3. i wanna be an ambassador
4. etc.

from now , i'll realize it one one by one :d God bless

kim tae hee :*

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